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Boca Raton Area Office Space Tenant Representation

Part of being well represented is being well informed. When landlords know that relocation alternatives are abundant and lucrative, they are likely to give more concessions.

Landlords are competitive only when they have to be.

Ingrid can represent your company in your search for office space anywhere in the Boca Raton area, including northern parts of Broward county and southern Palm Beach County.

Tenant Representation Reduces The Busy Work

Most office decision-makers do not have the luxury of devoting the majority of their time to a successful office relocation.  This is how a tenant rep broker can help.  Our team can do the majority of the information gathering, while decision makers do just that – make decisions.

Expertise Ensures Effective Negotiations

Tenants usually relocate within a specific market once every five or ten years. Obviously, they cannot compete with the in-depth market knowledge of the office leasing specialist who is involved with the marketplace on a daily basis.  Experienced brokers know not only what is available but also what specific landlords are willing to do in terms of rent, terms, concessions, and a host of other factors.  Brokers who know details of prior transactions have invaluable resources for negotiations that are not available by simply asking landlords what they are willing to do.

The orchestration of competition in the market among landlords will result in the most competitive offer for the tenant. Make sure you have expert representation before you negotiate your next lease.

The bottom-line effects of an improperly negotiated lease contract can have long-term devastating effects on the tenant.  Experienced tenant representatives understand the needs and requirements of tenants and landlords and they are able to serve both parties fully.

Talk to Ingrid today about your next great office space: (561) 479-5970.

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